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Technical Mujahideen magazine: how to use rootkits to hide incriminating data.

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Technical Mujahideen magazine: how to use a simple form of steganography to hide information in innocent data files. In this example, an innocent PDF file.

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Technical Mujahideen magazine: how to use Windows file system ADSs (alternative data streams) as a simple way of hiding evidence on a computer.

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Technical Mujahideen. Extremist hacking magazine in Arabic.

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Asrar al-Mujahideen aka Mojahedeen secrets. Al-Qaeda public-key encryption software with several strong encryption algorithms.

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This is what the carding sites taken down by SOCA look like now.

  • 912 days ago via site
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File which has been blocked 452 times today.

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Global Payments have modified the messages on http://2012infosecurityupdate.com

  • 927 days ago via site
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here's a screenshot from opensc.ws.

This is what the error message shown by 'Girls Around' app looks like after Foursquare killed their API access

Today's graph for Global Payment's stock value and trading volume. Down 9% right now. #breach


Malicious Android applications in Google Play (Android Market) by "MCC APP".

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It's a pen.

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This was taken during the photoshoot for Wired. The photographer here is Marco Grizelj from Aorta - see http://www.aorta.se
I believe the camera was a Hasselblad H4D-60, which takes 60 mexapixel images. Suggested retail price around 30,000€.

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I'll reply with a picture of my socks.

Zombie Infection Kit admin interface

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Login screen for the Crimepack exploit kit.

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Online criminals target innocent end users with ransom trojans that will lock up the PC, claiming to represent various local law enforcement entities. In total, the reputation of 12 different police organizations are used in this scam.

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Mikko Hypponen at TED

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