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Live in SW New Hampshire, where I brew beer, roast coffee, & kayak. 1 wife, 2 sons, 3 Fords, and 4 cats. I make web things and enjoy HTML, CSS, and Sass.

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in case you ever wonder how much brake pad you have left, iPhone as diagnostic tool.

is this new? Google Maps has town borders (when you search for a town)

ohai thunder storms #wx

the original

(the original)

aw, c'mon. let's make that text more noticeable.

reading that article, i'd say "this is what's wrong with America" but it's a British website :)

this guy!

you know, just a monkey riding a hippo

Early Father's Day present - thanks and :)

G used red chalk to turn my smiley face into a patient on House M.D.

ohai, nightmare fuel

funny, I though Boba Fett would be copyrighted by LucasFilm


current status: mounting screws

I beat it

my first computer (Amiga 500) had no hard disk. this is just my server.

I named them "Cyndi"

um, I believe I was promised a caboose. so.