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If things go as planned, your new Attorney General will be Thomas Edison. (Sorry, Amelia Earhart.)

If you're looking for a VHS copy of Turk 182, I know where you can find one.

Every year, my friend's neighbor puts a giant pumpkin in his yard. Think of the biggest pumpkin you can, then click.

Well, at least it's still working.

Twenty-four hours later, here is the FDR Drive. It's not as much underwater.

On Fox 5, Nick Gregory is reporting from Pandora, apparently.

On Fox 5, Nick Gregory is reporting from Pandora, apparently.

Mike Ryan: Storm reporter.

The East River appears to want to visit the Upper East Side. OK, I'm going back inside, now.

This is the FDR Drive. It is underwater.

So, it appears some of Roosevelt Island is underwater. Also: it's a tad windy out here. #sandy

Stocked up on batteries because I was told to do that, but just realized nothing in my apt takes batteries.

Hey, it's singing "Call Me Maybe."

For anyone wondering if the Dr. Zizmor subway ads from the Brad Pitt SNL sketch are real. From my current commute:

Didn't use for my Starlog piece, but took this with you in mind.

Old Starlog magazines: I am in heaven.

So, I have two tickets to tomorrow's Yankees game if anyone is interested. Cheap.

"No, no ... I'm a skeleton, wearing a skeleton costume. C'mon, get it, guys? It's hilarious, right?"

Here's a picture of me (a Cardinals fan) and (a Giants fan) on the last night of our friendship.

Thank goodness, I *finally* found my Halloween costume.