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It's a good day to listen to ...

Just watched Kopi sign about a half dozen autographs at FCC Talent Show. #celebstatus #ValleyWho

Today at the launch, my collection of Fresno bottles of water doubled.

I think is trying to get the Mayor's #ValleyWho vote. #ValleyHootz

Ashley Swearengin speaking at the #GottaLoveFresno press conference

Me and Baby Oz were brainstorming for #BeehiveBirthday today at .

hmmm. I wonder if is trying to influence the vote. : ) #ValleyWho

it was written

Also: have pretty rad tour "buses" -- two Mini Coopers. As spotted at Audie's Olympic.

Baby Oz reppin

Well, it had been a good Monday until this ...

Baby Oz is having fun at Sawyer Vintage Service grand opening.

lighting on Kendrick made it tough

didn't come out as good, but


Dear : No matter how many times you unfollow me then follow me, I will not follow you. Get a new strategy

Fairly certain the + corner is the only one with a roller skating Bee. #KidsDay2012

Holding down my corner like Bodie #KidsDay2012 #KidsDayMeetsTheWire

Benjamin Boone Quartet (plus Boone's young son Atticus) at Severance Theatre. Great jazz. #Rogue2012

#Rogue2012 is killin' at Tower Lounge right now. (cc: , )