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  • 2318 days ago via site
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good practice - taking ordinary objects and trying to make interesting pictures with them.

  • 2319 days ago via site
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One last pic from the show last night.

  • 2323 days ago via site
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Ummmm - Dave is officially cut off from the wine. (not my fault, Kristen made me snap the pic...) :)

  • 2324 days ago via site
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HDR image (blending 3 exposures) of the Long Center with the sun setting behind it.

  • 2324 days ago via site
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Mas backstage wackiness. :) Dave and Kristen hamming it up.

  • 2324 days ago via site
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I sense an over twit pic day ahead. :) Here's Dave and Erin backstage.

  • 2324 days ago via site
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just picked a shot at random from the show last night to put up. So many good ones. :) This was shot at 2500 ISO! Can you say 'clean'!

  • 2324 days ago via site
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getting some editing done this morning. Another shot from the Meagan Tubb show. Great talent.

  • 2326 days ago via site
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Andrea Rosch w/Mike Rosch (husband) and Mike Ribel (horribly misspelling his last name - sorry Mike!) Rocking SXSW!!!!

  • 2327 days ago via site
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Meagan Tubb and Jason Nunnencamp rock SXSW in Austin, TX.

  • 2327 days ago via site
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look what I scored tonight. It's on like donkey kong. ;)

  • 2327 days ago via site
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another from yesterday

  • 2329 days ago via site
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cool pic I took today. Greater dynamic range of the Nikon D1H allowed me to take a RAW capture, process it at 3 levels, then make an hdr from a single capture. love the way it came out.

  • 2329 days ago via site
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lol, can you believe I'm editing at this hour? :) Didn't shoot much tonight as I was pretty busy at the door, but got a couple of shots.

  • 2334 days ago via site
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really rushed this shot. actually in a parking lot. was late for a cycling team meeting. couldn't not stop to smell the flowers though. ;)

  • 2336 days ago via site
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Chuck celebrating moving on from Cat 5's to 4's. Thanks to Jason for supplying the cupcake. ;)

  • 2337 days ago via site
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twitpic of the night. note that all the still objects in this photo are crystal sharp. Eddy is just moving that fast. please view full size. :)

  • 2341 days ago via site
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light I wake up to every morning.

  • 2342 days ago via site
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finally got a new camera bag. freakin' awesome. ;)

  • 2343 days ago via site
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