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The system even gives you a *nonblank* receipt, ending one of the key tricks of the expense acct padder

Hizzoner gives it a whirl

Also, today is Chuck Brown Day

And here's the driver console

Behold, a D.C. taxi 'smart meter'

> says he has learned how to lock his phone. No more butt tweets!

Shadow Ward 5 CM Vincent Orange makes an appearance at Blmgdale flood presser


Also, why the long face Ryan Z?

Are all these cranes left pointing in the same direction (east) for a reason? Answers please?

Thanks for the hat!

This seems like a real winner.

Paul Ryan has the West Stockbridge Zucchini Festival ABUZZ #nonotreally

Bowser thanks 'the best host cmte a girl could hope for on her bday'

Ron Moten still undecided on Obama/Romney. "Aint mad at him cause he's rich."

Bowser birthday bash is super bashy

With rare double above-fold A1 bylines, wins the day

They coulda hung out a little closer to my desk.

Photo of WaPo staff taking photos of Woodward, Bernstein, Bradlee, Redford, Redford's chest

Big room for first Board of Ethics and Govt Actty meeting!