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Coming soon on Shark Tank...

Today's reading before oral surgery. #shakespeare #prayforme

New Batman Begins steel book packaging features the "Nosferatu" artwork. Bout as close as we'll get to a Criterion.

Fuck yeah Vampire Weekend. #onlyrockstarshavebillboards

FRANCES HA with proud Barnard alumnus Greta Gerwig.

Fox using James Purefoy for a go green campaign. Can't wait till NBC gives Mads Mikkelson a "More You Know" segment.

So glad me, , and are at Hello Kitty night at Dodger Stadium!!!

So this was on the menu at lunch today. Felt like I was high-rolling with the Stacy Family! #ASM Cc:

Lunch at Phillipe's after an awesome day of volunteering at Inner-City Arts. I love that place. Happy to be a part.

What I bought at Amoeba tonight... Jealous? #california!!!

At #Applebees for the second night in a row so I guess their new motto is winning. #stlouis

I bought these at Cracker Barrel this morning. Don't judge me. #ASM cc:

Cause I celebrate.

I've not been able to stop thinking about these things since your tweet yesterday .

Celebrating my first feature rough draft in almost 2 yrs by buying the official shoe of Zero Dark Thirty. #converse

Celebrated finishing my first rough draft in almost 2 years by buying the official shoe of Zero Dark Thirty. #converse

About to see Killing Them Softly. The F cinemascore was the deciding factor. BECAUSE I HATE AUDIENCES!!!

Tom Brady eats a turducken, with Steve Gregory and Vince "Drumstick" Wilfork. Happy Happy Thanksgiving. #patriots

I am officially a convert. Proudly reading the movie tie-in to #cloudatlas.

I'm #sick.

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