Miguel Rodriguez


Improvising Saxophonist and Flutist. Collector of shapes. Explorer of the Gray Area Humanist and Cheerful Sad Sack.

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My shadow looks like Grandpa Surf.

. This is the offending aforementioned mirror sans disfigured gluteus.

Okay, that's a wrap folks. It was too much fun while it lasted

Shrimp Quesadilla with Wasabi cream sauce.

The missus making us Capuccinos.

Whole wheat four cheese quesadilla topped with avocado and roasted tomato salsa. And a beer.

It's Super Ralph! Isn't he super?

I'm pretending this woman is

Today is our first rehearsal with cast members. Handsome bunch.

I see lots of back pain in my near future.

I tired.

I have no idea who sent me this wonderful gift, but I absolutely love it! Fess up!

This is Polish for Little Migroddys.

That's the kind of anonymous note that I should be getting more often.

Everyone has their personal Hades, their river Styxx

This little beauty gave of herself to me last night.

I'm sure some of you will be happy to know that my eReader seems to have died.

To minimize the midlife ache I tell myself she is probably a Repugnican.


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