Aspiring artist, doing what I do for fun. Feel free to view my art here- http://t.co/TNOopOEkMk

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New ED suggestion, felt like drawing another ED armour, tried to keep it in 3 colours so its like ED, with the unshaded part base colour, shaded part being accessory and the darkest being trim. Name suggestions?

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's Queen of Black Hearts- Fully flashed in Powerpoint. Original here- http://twitpic.com/5ms258 . Added a alternate mask helm(female version of the pandemonium decever helm made less creepy.) Full credit to Reki for making the original design.

  • 1081 days ago via site
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Demise Captain- Original here- http://twitpic.com/5t492w . Made in Powerpoint*

  • 1081 days ago via site
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Pandemonium Deceiver-Fully flashed with the weapon. Original- http://twitpic.com/5o6pyt Made in Powerpoint*. Opinions?

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My latest armour, its a gunner/Ranger type armour with a masked helm. I think the face is a bit hard to see so basically its a mask in two parts the left side is an ornate piece attached to the right side-the regular part, with a hat on top. Opinions?

  • 1085 days ago via site
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Made this new armour to match the bow I flashed previously. Ive added parts from some previous armours Ive made, but most is original. Opinions?

  • 1088 days ago via site
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Proton Mecha Bow- Haven't Flashed a weapon for a while so decided to, its a simple-ish bow, but I wanted to make something futuristic. Ill probably make an armour to match it. Made in Powerpoint*

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New armour. I tried addng a katar but it didnt work out too well so its just a claw. Made along an assassin theme, but I wanted it to be simple. Added a fur trim. Opinions?

  • 1089 days ago via site
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My latest armour made along the theme of (short for Deaths Shadow.) I know I messed up with the helm, should have coloured the face black but its okay. Opinions?

  • 1089 days ago via site
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's armour. Hope your'e happy with the changes. Its simple, but hopefully it meets the requirements of what you wanted.

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Was challednged by my friend to make an armour on the theme of 'Drama' I went on to research Commedia dell'arte and made a Jester type armour witha theme along the lines of commedia dell'arte. I made a random weapon for fun to match it. What do you think? Name suggestions?

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Made a robotic-energy type of armour. I quite like how it came out. Any name suggestions?

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I re-made my very first AQW armour called BeastMaster. The original isnt on my twitpic, its on my Picasa account, Im guessing only around 2 of my followers will know this as I deleted it long ago from my twitpic. But as its all the way from August 2009 and it just didnt look right to me so I re-made it. Opinions?
Also as Beastmaster s quite a generic name, Im thinking of a new one, any suggestions?

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Went with a Berserker theme, but also wanted smething Cyber. Ended up with this and Im pretty satisfied. Its a CyBerserker! Anyway if you want you can leave name suggestions below. What do you think?

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Made this exact same armour on an AQW template, but it looked too packed so I decided to just transfer it onto an ED template. Anyway if you all want Ill try and cut down on the details and make an AQW one, but this is my first ED armour so any name suggestions?

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Made this armour on the theme of a 'WarMage' as suggested by DisturbedAE. Haven't got a name for it, any suggestions?

  • 1103 days ago via site
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Finished Flashing 's Void-Assassin type armour. I hope he likes it. If you want colour changes ill make them. Full credit to him for the amazing design. Made in Powerpoint*

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I heard youre not feeling well . Well I hope you Get well soon. If anyone wants to sign the card, just leave your messages in the comments.

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Made this armour with a Robotic Hunter/ Ranger theme suggested by some friends. Dedicated to for helping me with ideas for this armour, also to as he's going to name it. Opinions?

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Forest Guardian - Finally finished flashing. I hope you all like it, Its something different from what I usually go for but Im satisfied with it. Made in Powerpoint*

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