Aspiring artist, doing what I do for fun. Feel free to view my art here- http://t.co/TNOopOEkMk

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Auxilliary and gun sets to go with my Noxious Talon set- http://twitpic.com/9fnqk3 for Epicduel Suggestions. Gold/green ones are Physical, with the Grey/Blue being Energy. What do you think?

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AQW Armour Suggestion- Drawn along an Undead Dragon theme. Don't have a name for it yet, so please suggest and what do you think?

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The Noxious Talon weapon set- Primarily for epicduel suggestions, with wristblades on the left, staff in the middle and axe on the right. Working on the auxilliary and sidearm next, but what do you think?

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My attempt at using 's base design( http://twitpic.com/9ck294 ) to make it my own and perhaps get the chance to make an armour with him. What do you think?

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New AQW armour suggestion- Made along the theme of a Plague Doctor, but I also wanted to make it slightly mechanical. Also wanted to make it a bit more smple, Might call it Pestis Medicus(correct me if I'm wrong, I think it means plague doctor in Latin.) So what do you think?

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I decided on trying to make a poster of my flinching shooter armour, that I could personally use and this is what I came up with. Changed the design from the AQW template to a different style, and made in powerpoint as usual. So what do you think?

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AQW Armour Suggestion- Sinister Brute Fully flashed in Powerpoint. Original here- http://twitpic.com/914bhc I'm not that good with metal shading so it may not be perfect but I hope you all like it!

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AQW Armour Suggestion- It was suggested that I try making an armour that was more bulky and demon-themed. So I tried mixing the two to make this. So what do you think? Name suggestions are welcome.

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AQW Armour suggestion- Flinching Shooter: Male and Female. Its my first female armour so it may not be perfect but I hope you all like it. Still kept to the same base design with minimal differences. Original concept- http://twitpic.com/8rzzjz . Made in Powerpoint*

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AQW Armour suggestion- Flinching Shooter: Fully complete, since this colour scheme was liked most I went with it, however I may suggest a CC base. Obviously the face isn't perfect since I have to trace the head onto powerpoint, but what do you think anyway?
Made in Powerpoint*

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Flinching Shooter WIP- I've managed to get the hardest and most detailed part out of the way, the torso. But I was wondering which colour from these 3 you prefer. Im going with the middle one for the moment but if others prefer the other two I may change. If you'd like to see it other colours too, just ask and Ill consider.

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AQW Armour suggestion- New armour made along a Falconer theme. (It's a revamp of the armour I drew yesterday. I used some suggestions to improve it.) I hope you all like it now, two helms on this one so you can pick your preferred. Any CC or name suggestions?

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AQW Weapon Suggestions- I decided to make a few valentines day weapons for the suggestion shop and these are some concepts I came up with. The blade on the left is inspired by keyblades, but I tried putting my own twist on it. And the design on the right is a pair of scissors, lol. Anyway, name suggestions are welcome and what do you think?

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AQW Armour suggestion: Cupid's Rose- Although this may not seem like a valentines armour the concept is well thought out. The armour is supposed to represent Cupid's parents; Venus the Goddess of Love and Mars the God of War, which is the reason for the mic of themes. I hope you like it, what do you think?

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Powerpoint shading tutorial. For the shape tutorial go here- http://twitpic.com/8ahvha . Again if any parts dont make sense or are unclear just say so, Im more than willing to help. The shape isnt a very good example and is very random but I hope you'll understand what Im getting at.

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Some people have been asking me to make powerpoint titorials for a while so this is a simple shape tutorial to get you started. Explaining basics. If its not clear Ill make more explaining in depth.
Uploading a shading tutorial soon.

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Dragon of the Orient- Completely finished the design. Tried implementing some of the suggestions people gave through feedback, hope its to your taste now. So what do you think? Made in Powerpoint*

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Weapon Suggestion for Epicduel. I couldnt think of an original colour scheme that matches blue since I wanted an energy wep so I went with a similar colour scheme that of the frost weapons. Opinions are welcome as so are name suggestions, so what do you think?

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Some PTRO monsters I designed yesterday, for an upcoming saga. Both are supposed to be guards with the left is being an Ice type and the right fire. What do you guys think?

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AQW armour suggestion- Since Chinese new year is soon and its the year of the dragon, I felt like making a Chinese Dragon-like armour. Im pretty pleased with the end result how about you?

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