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Genus 89....with a page of my artwork! [That was one of the TAMER pictures! He he!]

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Ed Gein's Butcher Emporium: 2008 [Another great family art-piece of my making for Serial Killer Magazine! Hurray!]

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One night at the IHOP....somewhere in time and space! I DRINK COFFEE!

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The inside of my ROM wallet with zombies sent to me from . [God, I have an ugly drivers license pic!]

  • 2071 days ago via site
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I found this in a McDonalds public restroom! The Baby Hanging Station! Ha ha! And you get fries with that! :P

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Another shot of Bandit, my cat! He loves his pic taken with my new camera, te he he!

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The back of my ROM cause ROM commands lots of power!

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Andrea Yates Kiddie Drownfest: 2009 [Crazy broad, LOL! Heard she was captain of her high school swim team!]

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My piece of crap neighbor's door with eviction notices and other stuck papers on door! Honestly, she is never home! [I don't understand why she is a mother? She looks like a troll!]

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Yep! Nergal from is yelling at his pet bird again, ha ha! THAT'S FREAKING METAL!:D

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A pic of me from the 80s! Rock out with your cock out, I say! :P

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The setlist I got from [Coalesce]. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Yessir! :D

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Awww look Honey! Little Robbie Liefeld learned how to use the potty today! [Actually, he makes this same constipation look in ALL his photos, Dear!!]

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Christ Hate: Self-titled. One of the many things I got at [This band rules all that is evil!]

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Hypocrisy: 2002 = Yes I did this after I met Peter and the band! 1947!!!

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2 Godzilla flicks that I own! I love the Millennium series! Giant monsters run amok in Tokyo!

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Fuhrer Von Renegade: The new show/movie/travesty of Lorenzo Lamas! [Leave your sandwich at the door! Hageln Sie saugen!]

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Conclusion Of Time: 2009 [A dream I had about Doctor Who! Hope you like it!]

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Offerings: 1992 [Yes, this was the one I got set to the principal's office for! LOL!] #art #comics #highschool

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A gift from of some sketches and a signed Gold Digger: Tiffany And Charlotte 3. Got this on Monday, fun reading!

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