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The 2nd pic of the first snowfall of 2009. I remember having a dream of when I would move here at the first snowfall. Been here ever since that very dream I had!

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The first snowfall of 2009 where I am. 11:10 PM at night, with my kick-ass digital camera! Post-autumn snow!

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LOL! That looks like an Amish-Myspace Tom! Fucking damn hilarious! [And it's a REAL SITE!] The worst of both worlds, LOL!

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The Greatest American Hero: Season 1! [Cause William Katt is just too damn cool for words!]

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Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy & K9 and Company! Leela is a stellar warrior babe! {Hubba hubba!}

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The comparison to 1-year old me and Winston Churchill in a picture! See the resemblance! LOL!

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Doctor Who: Arc Of Infinity and The Caves Of Androzani! The price and the night was right! Plus that: it's full of Peri-Hooter Goodness! Yippee!

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An old yearbook pic of me from 1990 at a lame pep-assembly, the dark overlord comics/art creator at 17!

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A very rare pic of me from first grade! They forced me to stand behind Elephant Boy and close to the Mafia Don Principal who pushed Christmas trees every damn year! LOL!

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Another vintage pic of me when I was one years old! My childhood pics of me are EXTREMELY RARE! That stroller was probably recalled too, along with my Sit-And-Spin! LOL!

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Dio rules! He takes out a demi-cyborg in Hell with a lightsaber in the Last In Line video! RAWK!

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I hate it when I get these sorts of messages in the Twitter! LOL! But at least they don't delete my photos or videos like Myspace!

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Straighten up this mess! Is that a Twisted Sister pin? ON YOUR UNIFORM! I carried an M16 and you sit there and play that REPULSIVE ELECTRIC TWANGER!? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!

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Doctor Who: Remembrance Of The Daleks in my personal video collection! "Davros: We shall become all... The Doctor: [Interupting] Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Et cetera! Et cetera!"

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The Doctor Who New Beginnings DVDs dismantled! Master: Your mine now Adric....MINE!!!!!!

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My Doctor Who New Beginnings box-set! Carmine seepage! "That's the problem with regeneration. You never know what you'll get!"

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It's a total miracle! I found Doctor Who Black Orchid and Revelation Of The Daleks, both for under $20. More of the Doctor for ME!

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My meal from Little Caesars! Still, the best pizza joint in town! [AND DIRT CHEAP!] Pizza's from them here last 2 to 3 days! :D

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These were EXTREMELY HARD to get in my area of KC, Missouri! My personal Red Dwarf collection that I cherish! [After 5 years and 20 stores later, I just really appreciate finding these and watching them.] :D

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Me and my Monstrosity shirt! [Spiritual Apocalypse is a very good album!]

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