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41 year old Funster in and around Manchester. Former legend in his own lunchtime, now armchair journalist.

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A very brave decision to come out by , but I hope he isn't constantly refered to as "bisexual olympian, Tom Daley".

I've just seen this long list of rules for a park in the US. Excessive or necessary to stop a Roman orgy? #july4

Hilton Tower #Manchester catching the rays of the setting sun.

I should really stop trolling around parks at night.

Doormat gets people all hot under the collar - http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/doormat.asp

Today at the legends football match in Old Trafford near Manchester. were good too.

The #EDL proudly display a banner despite the charity rejecting their recent donations. #manchester #demo

At Manchester Cenotaph #EDL supporters explain what the demo was all about on an England FA flag.

At the memorial to our fallen soldiers #EDL supporters show novel dignity. #manchester #demo

Manchester Cenotaph where 150 #EDL supporters were outflanked by police and counter-demonstrators.

Rightist groups #EDL & #NWI marched 150 supporters to Manchester Cenotaph to honour murder victim Drummer Lee Rigby.

Demo #ArtofProtest

England's Glory #ArtofProtest

Thieving Hand of Osbourne banner from Emily Charlton #ArtofProtest at the collated by

Old People Hate Us protests the hoodie in this shot by #ArtofProtest from

Signs of the times, #ArtofProtest at part of . Close your eyes kids.

While twitter contemplates the nature of the world, I contemplate re-inventing the deck shoe.

The feast of cheesecake over, I went for a haircut, more Tony Benn than man about town.

Wanted a new profile pic that made of look less of a delinquent. This one scared the life out of me.

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