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70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky as Romney wraps up in Dunedin, FL

View from my Segway on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in DC

Herman Cain getting tough questions from NH voters about 999 plan at the 99 restaurant in Concord

Rick #Perry on the OC: "a raspberry in a blueberry pie"

Crowded bleachers at Rick #Perry event in the O.C.

#Perry lunching w/ NH GOP chair Jack Kimball and co. in Dover

#Perry protesters lining street in Portsmouth NH awaiting his arrival

Rick #Perry in Walcott, IA, home of largest truck stop in the world

ABC's and I are on the road all day with Rick #Perry

A presidential must: Rick #Perry savoring his pork chop on a stick

That's ABC's getting the Rick #Perry money shot

#Perry does not miss an #Iowa state fair corn dog opportunity

#Bachmann signs autographs before hopping back on the bus #iastrawpoll

's takes his #iastrawpoll entertainment personally

The #Santorum peach preserves getting good reviews at #iastrawpoll

#Bachmann volunteers making things easy #iastrawpoll

#Palin in hr 3 of #Iowa state fair, captured thru lens of 's iPhone

The massive #Palin walk & talk continues at #Iowa state fair

Fried butter seller explains process: freeze, batter, fry: "Only so much you can do with butter"

#Romney chows down on a pork chop on a stick @ #Iowa State Fair

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