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Michael is the news editor for Edge magazine and writes for a number of excellent magazines and websites you might enjoy. His Nan is very proud.

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#iOS7 These are silly. iOS7 swaps the lens (which iPhone has) for a picture of an old school camera. Also: bike cog?

#iOS7 These are nice and flat, but clearly designed with a different aesthetic to everything else.

#iOS7 These icons are meaningless.

#iOS7 These icons look like a child's birthday party. (Messages too, but it wouldn't fit)

Okay. One more time on #iOS7. First, a question:

Remind me to never visit Nuffield Health of that’s how they feel about muscles.

It seems tonight will bring Gamescom’s traditional epic storm.

Check out all this bullshit Easyjet thinks you should feed to kids in the space of like two hours.

This part of my hotel reminds me of the haunted part of the Romanian hotel in Hitman Contracts.

Biggest crowd on main floor is around Dead Rising. Second biggest: Kinect Sports Rivals.

Peggle 2! It’s like Peggle!

Twice as bright. Joel will be pleased by Hams Groober’s upper body workout.

Microsoft have branded my roomkey. #XboxReveal

The masterbakers.

Stopped in for Hams Groober's food and they'd just put out a litter or new hamsters. Was a hampocalypse.

Latest Now Magazine is about "celebrity bodies gone too far!" which is illustrated by fit, healthy, muscular women.

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