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Follower of Jesus. Professional Baseball Player. Husband to @jillian_schlact.

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I need this for me! When you gotta go, you gotta go! Am I right?

This is true for and me (mostly me). How about you? Tag your answers with #SchlactPopcornQuiz

So looks at this forecast. She says, "I guess our tree is blowing away on Friday!" Thanks, Wifey!

NOT baseball weather.

I informed them. Maybe I'll get a free haircut. #LiveTweetingFromASalonWaitingRoomWaitingOnMyWife

. says this combo tastes a lot like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup --->

Got home from the gym and P90X2 was waiting for me at the front door. Fired up about it. Can't wait to jump right in.

Stocked up on my PB2 yesterday. This stuff is legit. I highly recommend it. All natural peanut butter. Powdered. Tasty!

My nightmare.

Here we go! Super Bowl Commercial Partayyyyy!

WARNING: this game does not work when playing past your bed time.

I'm 6'8. In case you'd like to know what I have to go through each morning --->

Doing shoulder exercises post long toss. This little guy has played a huge role in my recovery process!

Old fashioned glass bottles make it taste much better than a regular ole can.

This is my best friend in the morning. Well..this..and .



Have you EVER seen someone go to just great lengths just to protect a few softballs? Wow!!

Enjoying these amazing sandwiches with & my little brother . Y'all ever had one?

I'll tweet at y'all later. Headed out for a run.