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Follower of Jesus. Professional Baseball Player. Husband to @jillian_schlact.

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Nice way to start my morning. How is everyone today?

This was the orange soda I enjoyed today.

Traveling back to MD. Time to jam.

I'm excited for this one. vs . A good ole fashioned show down. #MLB

Headed to the stadium for our final game here in NJ. Day games =

This is what happens when I get bored. Thermal camera pictures start being posted on Twitter.


Oh boy...

Solid locker placement for me this year. A perfectly placed column in the clubhouse works great for my relaxation.

Icing my arm after a solid throwing session today. What's up everyone? #TrainingRoomTweeting

Are you a member?

#WhereWillTheyTweetFromNext -- -- I'll tweet from a bumper boat!

Folks, is sad. No one will tweet him. Please make him feel better. Thanks!

Why wouldn't we have wild animals roaming the outfield during batting practice? #shenanigans

This is how you eat a burrito. Note the shrapnel. #Destruction

Cool picture from last night's Opening Day. I was feeling the whole wrestling vibe.

. taking some hacks in the clubhouse on Playstation Move. Thanks for the training tape.

Came around the corner and there he was. I may or may not have screamed.

If you see a guy in the dugout that looks like this, you've found me. It's freezing.

Watch out pre-algebra. I'm coming for you.