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Follower of Jesus. Professional Baseball Player. Husband to @jillian_schlact.

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Had a great time at the game with tonight.

North of ATL sunset tonight. Pretty amazing.


Conquered my fear of merry-go-rounds the other day on this beast. Took some nerves of steel. I'm tough.

Spent some time with and my Goddaughter Megan today.

I must have bought the wrong type of lightbulbs because it looks like ET is landing in my kitchen.


. stole my apron. What ever will I bake cookies in now?

Who wants to go on a picnic?

Social Media explained:

Not gonna lie: this would make things a little easier.

the clubhouse!

The REAL meaning of #yolo.

I was previously confused. I'm glad they made this diagram to clear things up.

My coffee mug is cooler (and tougher) than yours. In other words, my coffee mug can beat up your coffee mug.


I have an almost zero chance of making it to the bathroom in the middle of the night w/ this setup. Who designed this?

You know those last resort dining options? Yeah, I'm there. On the bright side, I met Ronald. Nice dude.

Headed to the stadium. Another rainy day, but I did make a welcomed purchase today. Now I'm set for PA & TX!