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Sports producer for http://CBSBoston.com. I want a bumper sticker that says 'None of my beliefs are simple enough to fit on a sticker. ... Except this one.'

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Excited to see this guy do his job tonight.

Traffic was bad, had no time to eat. Thank the Bruins for feeding me/fulfilling a childhood dream of eating this for dinner.

Can't Massachusetts just roll a bunch of these things around to take care of the snow banks?

Still not over this room

I'm in Pittsburgh so I feel left out of the storm. just sent me a pic of my car. Now I feel a part of it.


I believe that was this storm -

Other big takeaway from Turning Point: This guy's middle name might be 'Merica.

Seriously though EVERYONE was white.

If I spend 5 hours in the Garden, I'd prefer it to be a 4OT playoff hockey game. Mumford was pretty good though.

White person after white person after white person filing in for Mumford & Sons.

I didn't get Manti'd! Just got weird seats. Felice and Mumford time.

this song is ok.

Hey look it's Marcus Mumford. #MixMumford

Oh man. Someone was a total badass tonight.

Fab Melo is in the NBA.

nice live blog.

Bad news, friends. I may be going away for a while.

There's Ryan Miller chilling in the faceoff circle where it all happened.

Do you know what I was just thinking about that is ridiculous? Jason Varitek wore a C on his chest for like seven years.