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Designer, educator & writer. Faculty at MICA, Principal at Hypothesis, Ltd. RISD & VCU alum. Formerly @AngryPaulRand. Email

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Looking for new work? This diagram may be helpful.

"The Disapproval Matrix" by is spot on. Spot freaking on.

How to write about your work on your site via :

Slide from tomorrow's lecture: THIS IS NOT GRAPHIC DESIGN. THIS IS JUST A TOOL.


Love the album cover for new TMBG album designed by :

A new design essay from me called "Delightful Confusion." Now with 100% more diagrams:

Point a digital video projector at a blizzard at night and MAKE AWESOMENESS:

An information visualization of me, by Dutch designer Bob Hensen:

Was reminded of my friend 's project "I AM TOTALLY RIPPING YOU OFF" during class today:

Hey, MICAns, Skolos+Wedell are here next week for a lecture & workshop: (poster by )

Slide from Wednesday's lecture. It's time to step up.

Whenever this happens it feels like I accidentally walked in on the Internet while it was using the bathroom:

Every time I see the DIN glyph for "@" I die a little inside. It's like the type designer was drunk that day at work.

Really excellent design work by Werner Jeker (via )

This typography-based surface pattern work from is delightful:

Some new work from me - explorations on the photocopier:

One of my Foundation students hid a Cookie Monster behind the cookies at the supermarket. My students are awesome.

Great design of a non-cheezy translucent slipcover by karlssonwilker (watch movie for clarity):