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But it did cause a big spike in traffic to yesterday.

The family. #ausvotes #auspol

The new Australian Cabinet. #ausvotes #auspol

I took a trip down to Hotham today just so I could see how an old student was going. #ausvotes

It's all very sedate in Goldstein. #ausvotes

It's all very sedate in Goldstein. #ausvotes

It's all very sedate in Goldstein. #ausvotes

Juxtaposition at my polling booth today. #ausvotes

And in a flash it changes. And always that confusion about donkey votes.

The top 10 keyword searches at at this moment. Some last minute research? And a hopeful No.10.

But one of the smallest.

Wider than a bookcase.

And the last time:

And the last time:

November 9, 1841: An earlier Australian Head of State was born.

And Helen Thomas has gone. Her memoirs are a good read:

I've always thought this was the headline of headlines. 44 years ago.

As per the discussion on *that* program on Sky, a Google search on Kevin Rudd does throw up "sociopath" but also:

On this day in 1973, Whitlam was a pallbearer at the funeral of his predecessor as ALP leader, Arthur Calwell.

July 11th and Australia's 21st prime minister, Gough Whitlam, is 97 years old today.