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Tip for beer nerd followers: Gouden Carolus van de Keizer is phenomenal.

Rainy Sunday brunch: pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup at Red Wagon. Just slightly awesome.

20oz of fresh-picked Chinook hops = unintentional IPA brew day. Worse things have happened.

A tasty porter is now sitting on top of these blackberries. 3lbs seems meager, but I'm not going for big berry flavour.

Aha! The free hops are not a lie.

and manning the grill.

Brighton Typecase:

1 coin away from completing the shield, but that's gonna be a hard one.

Oh wow, I've found a great British-brewed Saison.

A little piece of home at the British Museum.

If there was a theme to my day, it would be Christopher Wren. Here's looking down from the top of the Monument stairs.

Obligatory east/west tourist photo at 0° 0' 0” longitude.

Yeah, No.114 Tottenham Court Rd. is definitely my kind of cafe. Worth the train ride.

Islay is basically Disneyland for adults.

Our new invisible cat has fallen prey to the good old catnip-coated mouse on a string trick.

Set up for breakfast.

Checked into the B&B. Yeah, this'll do.

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