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UTS Law student tweeting occasionally on #AusLaw, regularly on #BakingTweets and always on #UselessInformation. Talents: building pillow forts

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can has one of these please #portal

I translated your Ruski 8-ball fortune. this is how bored I am

Signs in Pitt St mall

Exciting day at the nursing home #gosford

My brother just sent me this picture of an "inbred cat." He is finally getting to know me

Check out this spread #lotr1

And all the supplies are in order #LOTR1

A reminder of the rules #LOTR1

I beat you to it

this one goes to twelve. #twolouder

this amp goes to 12 #twolouder

The Strokes: an infographic

Goddamnit. I'm away for one day and this is what happens. FILE EXPLOSION.

The secret ingredient to a winning Saturday night (ping )

I asked Josh if we had enough pasta (and an onion) to make dinner. His response:

I asked Josh to check if we had enough pasta an onion to make dinner. He responded with:

I am indeed very conceded for any refugee child born to "parenmts" #howdoyouenglish

Tiny child rocking out at #yogabbagabba

Art vs Science and a penguin at Yo Gabba Gabba #vividlive

Man love ( )

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