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The Big Talk panel discussion today: 0days legitimate in sovereign 'active defence' ops #Malcon

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Hacking with Arduino! 23 November, 2012. DoubleTree, New Delhi - Noida - Mayur Vihar

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The three layers of cyberspace, #VIZ Adapted from Cyberspace Operations Concept
Capability Plan 2016-2028 ( No. TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-8). (2010) Source:

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Delegates taking part in deliberations on how to deal with the critical situation inside Tibet at the three-day Special International Tibet Support Groups Meeting in Dharamsala from 16 – 18 November 2012/Photo by Namgyal Tsewang/Tibetonline TV [ ]

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Sichuan Honkers (2012) v.0.8

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'Here’s Enough Digital Espionage to Scare James Bond' cyber-espionage infographic via

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"The U.S.-China relationship is one of the most vital today, but do the two understand each other? Beijing frets that the U.S. “pivot to Asia” is really a pivot away from China, as America strengthens its partnerships with Burma, Thailand and other regional players. Add the scant discussion of China in this week’s final presidential debate and some will ask if these two major powers are even playing the same game of chess. In “Connect,” B. Kuang’s answer is that the two aren’t even playing the same type of chess." via CDT []

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(New Statesman) from a photo essay of previously unseen images of rural #Tibet, where the nomads’ culture and way of life are under threat from policies introduced by Beijing. (THE REBEL ARTIST REVEALS THE CHINA ITS CENSORS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE)

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(Cloudburst) No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers: nails the contradictions inherent in China's authoritarian capitalism, forced tech transfer & cloud computing #APT | Pg.45 [NO ANCIENT WISDOM, NO FOLLOWERS: The Challenges of Chinese Authoritarian Capitalism [Paperback]
James McGregor (Author) Paperback: 146 pages | Publisher: Prospecta Press (October 16, 2012)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 1935212818 | ISBN-13: 978-1935212812 ] -poetic title, great read.

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Notice to Honker Union general members! [ translation by ] #Diaoyu / #Senkaku [ ]

Recently, tension has been built up between China and Japan, some of the patriotic hackers and honkers also are ready to make a move, boldly publicizing to launch network attacks on Japan. The real war on the networks has no smoke and fire. Publicizing to launching cyber attacks against certain country can only give excuses for other country to establish network army and network forces. Why does the United States claim Chinese hackers a threat? The reason is to give excuses for themselves to build up a strong network army. When have you ever heard the American hackers organizing publicly to launch cyber attack against certain country? But in fact, they meet the objective of stealing sensitive information by infiltrating other countries’ network systems. Therefore, the organization or the person who boldly publicized to launch network attacks against Japan is only doing a publicity stunt for themselves. What benefit can hacking a web page bring our country and the people? It is only a form of emotional catharsis, please do not launch any pointless attacks, the real attack is to fatally damage their network or gain access to their sensitive information. Any attack will be executed silently, rather than vigorously promoting it. And also everyone please work hard on learning technologies, as Chinese, you have no right to escape the responsibility at any time. On the issue of Japan illegally arrested our fishermen, it is not that China is easy to be bullied, but any country that starts a war will become the enemy of the international anti-war alliance, which will give certain country new excuses to send troops to maintain peace in the world, and also will bring disaster to the people. Please take a look at the situation China is facing today, China on the map is already being surrounded by a c-shaped ring. Every world war always broke out from where the world economy shifted to, and today, unfortunately, the world economy center is shifting to China, can China avoid a war? I want to tell the vast number of passionate young people in China, if China is in war in the next 20 years, what can you do? Are you ready???

- NCC Honker Union of China – the world’s largest Honker organization

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This is the first paper that mentions Wu-li Shi-li Ren-li (WSR) in the context of Chinese strategic thought and cyber (PDF)

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This is not a whale: South China Morning Post (SCMP) Ferrari #failwhale

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According to this account, it was Ling Jihua (令計劃) who advised Hu Jintao to return to Lhasa and suppress the March, 1989 uprising "Only such a major event could bring about a turning point in Hu’s personal destiny."

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Exploring Gh0st Campaign ecosystem with #malware

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西藏自治区应急指挥 [ Tibet Autonomous Region Emergency Command Center] |

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Harvard on the predictive power of censorship (2012) | (2002) #China #GFW

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140 hours or less: Visualization of a 'Twitter Revolution" (2011)

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Exile leader says Tibetan immolations ignored (AP) Source:

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Dr. John Nash Writes NSA on Encryption Machine via

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