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Getting GST refunds is a cinch in #Melbourne. Download an app, input receipt info and present the code at the airport

More views of #vuedemonde perfection.

More views of #vuedemonde perfection.

Pictures can’t even begin to do lunch at #vuedemonde any justice. But I’ll try anyway.

Pictures can’t even begin to do lunch at #vuedemonde any justice. But I’ll try anyway.

An introduction to 7 courses of heaven. And then some. #vuedemonde #poshnosh #melbourne

Now I’m really looking forward the 3-hatted Vue De Monde after tonight’s spectacular dinner at the 2-hatted Ezard.

Having tea at and a cookie troupe popped by with this to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Double Tree.

This is me. But it isn’t. #secret #guiltypleasure #juicygossip

Found this online. One of the best things someone can say to you.

Seriously, what the fuckery is this? #scam #shadydeal

As expected, it is still not active. Turned it off and on, and it’s still the same.

Still can’t bring myself to eat the chocolate Easter eggs that a lovely client sent over earlier this week.

And this was how my tea was served at 10 Scotts #nofilter

Still looking for stocking stuffers? Find something for the K-fan friend (everybody has one!) at this sample sale.

I’d love to add a pop of colour to the kitchen with some Le Creuset cookware, as inspiration to cook more often.

I guess I will have to settle for the Pliplat clutch in 2014. #hermes #wishlist

Motivation should always be this sweet when it comes to sweating it out in the morning! #wsentosacove

The devil’s in the details at . Enjoyed my waiting time there while Mr A. gets spruced up.

It’s good that tweets leave digital footprints. Here I have acknowledgment of my rightful claim.