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that crazy fan girl who married her thrifty best friend and became haley's mom. now she lives in her own happily ever after. xoxo ^^v

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Sira na ang white flats ko. Sagad na sa gamit! Kakasad. Tatapon na kita mamaya.. Bye white flats :((

It's called rouge solitaire nails by nivea ♥

Omg! Someone ate my entire slice of cake! Waaah! Antakaw nya! :)))

My boss' son surprised him with a bday cake. How sweet! I'd like to have a son too.. Someday.. :))

Super supreme pizza. Super supreme pig out! Buuurp!

Baked potato with beef chili and cheese and my favorite frosty! Weeee! ♥

Via unanimous decision, I painted my nails brown.

Tuna with tofu and malunggay leaves. Try it! It's yummy and very healthy ♥

Morning look. Dada's gone for work so it's just me and Jesse the bear saying, "good morning tweeps!"

Dada and I wishes everyone a very sweet and tight sleep. Good night tweeps! Zzz ♥

Dada's ironing my hair right now ♥

View from al hamra's deluxe room. Cest la vie! ♥

Dada did my hair today. It's french braid! Haha! Parlorista dada ♥

Thank u kuya for the sumptuous fried ulam dinner last night and this ddutch ice cream♥

Kuya james' pritong ulam night! Hahaha! :))

French tip week ♥

Ate lea eto na! May ikea sa sg, kain ka dun! Haha! Mayaman! Dumayo pa ng sg para lang sa cake :))

Eating time! Ikea's almond cake for lunch ♥

My newly "harbated" bag ♥

My first try of binagoongang baboy. Dinner time! Kain na? :)