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Jushin Liger bleached his wig blonde?

Anyone know if Billy Jack Strong is Steve DiSalvo. Dude is enormous.

Not sure if Madusa raided 's closet or Archibald Peck's.

The Mofo's former driving buddy in Memphis on AWA Classics!

Mrs Mofo's HOLLA-TINI.

Occupy Bad Street. You know you want one.

The Mofo back in his old stomping grounds. Ready to sell the joint out with Nick Bockwinkle.

This is what qualified as a comercial for AWA action figures. Animal and Ellering.

Andre and Chuck Wepner. Vince is all over this part.

Freddie Blassie with Ali on The Real Rocky.

As God is my witness the Missing Link has a bunny.

Go The Ninja debuts! Larry Nelson is disgusted because 'Ninjas are trained in POISINS!'

Which is more ridiculous? The Rockers are fighting a guy named Sally or that Shawn and Marty were both announced at 240


Greatest bumper graphic ever. ' STAY TUNED: FOR WRESTLING'

Who can identify this man? The hat is a big hint.

Pre arrival of Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, with AWESOME shiner, vs Jake 'The Milkman' Milliman... AS A HEEL!

And Smirnoff.

Russians I've never ever heard of Gordyenko...

Frank DeFalco representing NYC in a tuxedo t-shirt.