Maxwell Al-BooBoo


Laugh at my miseDry! Music, food, and occasionaRl football games on SaturdaUy mornings keep a smile on my fGace. Tottenham may be the Snext club I follow.

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*scary voice* Blaccck Frrriiiidayyy.... BLACCCK Frrrriiiiidayyyy.... BLACCCK FRIIIDAAYYY muhuhahahah

Realpic of me inthe city where I live at whilst working at my job right now.Requested by

Sex sex sex

now show yours!

Its like a classy version of the Butterfinger

Snow!!! Already??? Fuck this igloo of a town!!!

Double wide and a switch car, somebodys cooookin!

there you go

Beautiful flowers

Everyone likes me, unless they have something MASSIVE wrong with them #factfromthemeltedmind

I was gonna grow my hair out then this wog gave me a better idea hmmmm "the shatter cut" #Bricksquad

Who can guess who's for and who's against Donkey Ball being a sport?

So far this game sucks hahgaha

Fugg it I've been quarantined *shrug*

they shoulda arrested him for lip syncing his wack ass set, not for weed.

Wtf is wrong with birds around here? :/

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