Maxwell Al-BooBoo


Laugh at my miseDry! Music, food, and occasionaRl football games on SaturdaUy mornings keep a smile on my fGace. Tottenham may be the Snext club I follow.

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Suns up, wake the hell up twitter.

Can you tell I just got done listening to Pilot Talk 2? Soooo relaxed right now on de mountain!

Don't think I'd ever name my daughter "Shetisha". Sounds too much like shit. #justsaying

Ooooooohhhhh this COLD ass weather got my mountain groomin' up great. #I♥Alliteration


I will be serving this weekly at some point in time as a special.

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh #sneakpeak

"If P. Miller is your uncle, you should be laced from head to toe, even Kevin has P.Miller gear on"

's excuse.

Ohhh la la! With the seafoam tint!

So they make a 12 hottest #TC cooks list and Mr. East River is not even mentioned #YourListIsMoot

Flat tires are a BITCH on a pisten bully.

Always in my way!

Death is the only absolute end. Everything else is just a beginning to the next chapter. Ponder that

my brother got me this for xmas. No movie pre dates 1953, when the only special effects..

Happy #talladays #tc

The only bullyin' I do is out on the slopes!

The ones that look like white dog poop taste like crap.