Maxwell Al-BooBoo


Laugh at my miseDry! Music, food, and occasionaRl football games on SaturdaUy mornings keep a smile on my fGace. Tottenham may be the Snext club I follow.

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I'm gonna wear warm-up pants under my jeans, then roll my jeans up past my knees #TrendSetter #TC

Keeping the hood fat as fuck, and my hands grease scented. God bless Amerhicka!


I'm from the Twin Cities, Minnesnowta

With all the salt on the road this won't need to add ANY to his food all week.

Bet they never get pulled over up there in rural Minnesota

My best friend and worst enemy, the piston bully. This is where I tweet my twits from mostly

My boys bring boose to the bar. Yeah I do that #ERE thing now but I'm still MJ mafuggaz haha

Ahhh pictures are worth 1000 words, this one can be summed up in one though...

Movin' mountains in my #AIRmax kicks yeahhhh #SweetHearted time fa sho!

Just wait I'm gonna bieber my shit out soon #helmethair

I just glow after one of the younger guys has a damn glass piece, #ialwaysdonthaveapiecebutgotBOB

Whatta shitty picture I should tweet that #mylastthought

#OnASeriousNote m&ms better watch their fuckin' back cause these almond joy "pieces" #crack

Got THESE fucking things instead of Whoppers, I want these and all but why the fuck not both???

This is how many times I forgot to bring papers since november

A picture is worth a thousand words?

The guy looks like he just crawled out of a septic tank.

Had to dig out that lil block of wood!

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