You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid.

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This makes me laugh every time

The name’s Tyrone Li

Gotta love . Camwhoring on my phone as I puke

Remember this from the first day? :3

Weird ass species of spider found in ’s bag while surveying. It’s huge in real life :S

Yay!! Hurts like a bitch tho :(


What you see in a rez of engies

Unf <3

First meal cooked in res! Fun night in :3

Steamed veggies and Big Brother at 2am.. #insomnia

Just packing the bare necessities

Hey iPhone users! Ever see an iPhone charger on steroids?! You have now!! #SizeMatters

Dog nail polish :O

Me in a cat scratching post… totes unintoxicated

Oh, I would love to. Great suggestion!

Organizing and de-cluttering all of my stuff when all I a sudden I come across this project from seven years ago :0

Hogtown (sausage, bacon, onion, shrooms) at Smoke’s Poutinerie mmmmnm

Finally got my G2 woooooooo

About to try stinky tofu!!! Smells like a farm/animal POOP