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I make awkward, awkward and I'm a big ball of contradictions.

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well, that would be ideal. Vinyl?

B e a utiful day.

Bought myself so GHDs. Yaaay!

And this, from the top. My hair, that helped with yesterday!

I see your strip of hair colour, , and I raise you:

I was there in 2007.

Picture that comes on the sheet that the Dr. at the hospital gave me. Scary.

This is a brighter green than I expected, but very tasty.

Here he is. Bloomin' nightmare to draw! #doctorwho

this is the troublesome problem I'm having. Each colour is a different group

Cup of tea in my new mug.

Boooo, my Smarties aren't inside my egg! That's not fun.

My Easter Egg.

you're both welcome to a bit of the cake I made for my dad (it's what his mum used to do)

Cake I mad or my dad in all it's glory. Some variation of how his mum use to.

I clipped my hair back for a minute and now it doesn't want to go down again.

That's almost clever!

Cor blimey. I've never seen a cake so smooth.

Cake for my dad, like his mum used to make.