i dig roller derby, craft beer, and living life without limits. Life is short, live it up. 

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finish some trim (fill holes, paint) seal the floor and complete the storage cubby. We are so close.

I'm excited to get this back. :) my friends Sarah & Jessica are trying to have babies and this isn't kid friendly.

I need a new vice- like cocaine or excessive exercise. This vice keeps me rolly-polly.

I'm Zombiefied!

Bald Mtn. Beautiful, perfect day with my perfect Hubby to be.

Thank you ! It took some time but I got it. I love it! #bonusboob

ingredients list. I wanted to make it gory. I opted for cutsey, people may not even get gingers = redheaded people

Hardware stores get me excited! Wee plumbing. Woo!

All bagged up and ready for delivery tomorrow! Yummy.

#FF my sister and work there. She's SO cute. Be nice to her, tip her or I'll beat you. ;)

Awesome! Baskets made from recycled newspaper.

Is it wrong that I find this funny? I've loved BW since Mama's Family and Maude. Old lady w/ dirty mouth = awesome

companies pay for somewhat attractive ladies to pour samples. I was the ugliest of the bunch lol

Today's #Utica rainbow

Woah! We've got llamas!

Cooetstown tweet up. We've got puppets, bagpipes, cheese and beer! Yup that's :)

my favorite kind of beaver!

I can't wait to get into my referee uniform and have some fun! Its been too long. #overayear