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Also, there are slutty snack cakes!

Beware! TBell now randomly declaring itself as a boyfriend.Happened to me today, could be next!

When you have no idea your friend went to the casino, and you get this...

This creature creeps me out to no end. But he builds the most beautiful, intricate, huge web every night and completely clears it by morn. you'd like him!

Thanks so much - love paying for 15 chicken poppers and only finding 9 in the box when I open it at home. :(

Because when you're best friends, you can speak emoji from serious to sex and understand perfectly!

WHAT???!!! It is once again time to celebrate #WolverineWednesday with !!Tell her how excited you are!

Hey - did I wish you a happy #WolverineWednesday yet?!

Tiny cup of crappy hospital coffee. But I'm freezing & it's free, so...

Thought I'd send you a door I enjoyed while visiting LA ;)

Oh the fun and I would have!!! Yo-ho yo-ho! Where's the rum?! P-)

Apparently, these are my very sexy shoes - according to the men at work

In other news, there will be no weather today... Great! Now how do I choose my outfit??!

Great memories... 50,000 miles ago I got my car & went to see the same night with !!! <3 <3

Also, got some fun gifts, including some new wellies!!!

My delish food - why yes, that is bbq pulled pork on top of my cheeseburger! Yum!!Thank you on St Marks!

I'm kind of a cute Easter Bunny!

Orrrrrrrr a night of loud music played by your friends, eh ?!

Brown tomatoes, on purpose??! Not so sure 'bout that!

King of the... treats?! tried these yet?

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