Melinda Gonzalez


Brunette. 5'2 it's true. Lover of all things cheesy.

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Stock up on eyeliner. ☑


Most amazing cupcake by !

and I think to myself "why do I need a drink this big?"

Dearest eyeliner, how I missed thee.

It's like the universe saw into my soul and regurgitated this lovely puckered-up cutie! ♥

Know what and I are doing on our Saturday sending each other pictures of cute kittens!

Out of all the giraffe's I own, Geoffrey is the most loyal. Plus he's super soft.

I'm a G that's a genius ;) - Even got an extra point cause I'm awesome!

It's hard to believe but it's brighter in person :)

Paper art for the heart ♥

Finally. My glasses! ♥

Be jealous ♥

"I'm a gluttonous piece of shit" -

If all else fails look adorable ('til work!)


Finally! Jack Johnson at the pavilion ♥

Look what we stumbled upon, some wittle robins!