I'm in love with cities I've never been and people I've never met. ~wanderlust~ [Bosnian living in England. 19.]

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And then Vin put this up and its set me off again.

When the guys at work make me my fave food, chicken tikka masala <3

Jasna at 3 yrs old

my first and favourite one! I got that done last year on my 18th

thats the one I touched up and nope none of them did. I just felt it more on the bone and...

that And got my last one redone cos the artist fucked it up when I got it ages ago

What a stupid moron. Hating on us krajisniks for?

This came up on fb. Hahaha funny hodza

All you see is black. This is fucking with my head

Reason why I don't fake tan. Jasna's feet are cracking me up

This is how I'm showing my love! #TEAMBOSNIA

My evening...

Piece is finished.

Drawing of me continued.

Starting to draw my self in art...

How sweet is my auntie? All the alcohol she's been getting for presents shes been saving for my 18th

College getting evacuated today after a bomb threat. I mean seriously hnc of all places?

look at what I found on my phone from THAT night! Haha

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