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Brain of a scientist, heart of an artist, soul of a slightly inebriated ninja assassin. Writes SF and erotic romance. Never claimed to color inside the lines.

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The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond, in plush doll format.

  • 1104 days ago via site
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Christmas present earrings for three lovely ladies. Of course, who's getting what is a secret...

  • 1107 days ago via site
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I have to say, I'm really pleased with this set of steampunk earrings. Hopefully the client will feel the same way

  • 1112 days ago via site
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And then I threw lights around the live oak and retaining wall just for the heck of it.

  • 1121 days ago via site
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Not bad for the first pass. I still think we need an LED reindeer, though.

  • 1121 days ago via site
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The first sock, about 1/3 through the cuff.

  • 1126 days ago via site
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[zelda rubenstein]This clean.[/zelda rubenstein]

  • 1132 days ago via site
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30 years ago. I would give a major organ for an hour's talk with this girl.

  • 1133 days ago via site
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It's also very obvious where Mike and my dad got their dress sense from.

  • 1133 days ago via site
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Found pictures of my paternal grandfather during WWII. He could be my nephew Mike's older brother.

  • 1133 days ago via site
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The sterling earrings I cobbled together out of upcycled findings. Total cost -- $7. Actual worth -- priceless.

  • 1145 days ago via site
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And Reine du Cuivre is done! Now to prep it in Etsy for loading and sale tomorrow.

  • 1149 days ago via site
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Really, this explains a lot about me, don't you think?

  • 1149 days ago via site
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The nice thing about this is that I can swap out the copper gear for a green crystal, depending on the buyer.

  • 1150 days ago via site
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Made myself stay up by working on this. Obviously it's not finished, but I'm thinking a choker. And now, to sleep.

  • 1151 days ago via site
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How to get this shot: spread your hair across your desk, lay bracelet on hair, prop camera on nose, pray.

  • 1153 days ago via site
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I now have the means to make fire. Super hot, pinpoint fire. Muwahahahahahaha...

  • 1154 days ago via site
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Jessie, providing quality control in the Fletcher sweatshop. "No, no, use the green one. And fetch me some tuna."

  • 1160 days ago via site
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Someone commented on FB that my Carnivàle bracelet looks like bubbles. And it does -- kinda festive, no?

  • 1163 days ago via site
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Last piece of jewelry for the weekend -- Sanguinity necklace and earrings. Already sent off to my niece Meredith.

  • 1181 days ago via site
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