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Brain of a scientist, heart of an artist, soul of a slightly inebriated ninja assassin. Writes SF and erotic romance. Never claimed to color inside the lines.

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Antique brass & white howlite in the Romanov weave. This may be the most elegant women's bracelet I've ever made.

  • 954 days ago via site
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And lo, I can now cut my own chainmaille rings with a jeweler's saw. Look upon my work in awe, muwahahahaha...

  • 962 days ago via site
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Coincidence? I think NOT.

  • 975 days ago via site
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This, BTW, is "soup." Silhouette is sterling silver, oval is etched brass. #Sherlock

  • 975 days ago via site
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This gives you an idea of how it'll look when it's done. Need to polish out the marks, tho... #Sherlock

  • 977 days ago via site
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Want to see the current jewelry project? Sterling silver and sawing and filing, oh my... #Sherlock

  • 977 days ago via site
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Might I offer these as natal day gifts AND appropriate footwear for your next session with JM?

  • 986 days ago via site
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Why it's dangerous to fence with Selina Rosen -- you never know where her finger's been...

  • 989 days ago via site
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And finally, a gentle hello from my delicate and ladylike sister to you all. No, don't thank me.

  • 1005 days ago via site
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This is what you take when it's oh My God It's Early and you're waiting for the damn restaurant to open.

  • 1005 days ago via site
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Proof that Stacy and I went to Chichen Itza. Okay, maybe we got dragged out later for looting, but still...

  • 1005 days ago via site
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This, people, is what we saw from our balcony every morning. Minus the drunk teenagers, of course. #Cancun

  • 1006 days ago via site
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It doesn't get more badass than this, people.

  • 1062 days ago via site
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Oh, ...

  • 1075 days ago via site
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Moi, obsessive? But I think I nailed Sam's hairline.

  • 1080 days ago via site
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This, people, is my new dedicated jewelry workbench. I am irrationally pleased about installing the light.

  • 1101 days ago via site
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Think there might be an interest in these?

  • 1122 days ago via site
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So...technically, this means I have a bestseller at the moment, right?

  • 1152 days ago via site
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And then, there's Jeremy, AKA "What the hell is that?"

  • 1165 days ago via site
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Although she is awfully cute in the tree.

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