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Lady, nerd, cosplayer, gamer, SourceFed host, nerdy pillow maker, rebel princess, and model gundam enthusiast.

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I have a hot date tonight with and I finally figured out how to curl my hair. Level up!

Penny's got an infected gland, so guess what she gets to wear?

Awwww, Penny had cookies and milk delivered to my office! What a sweet puppy!

What a lovely way to pass a Saturday afternoon. ( Thanks for the inspiration!)

I'm getting close to having socks for every occasion...

Nothing says "Hey, stop thinking about whether or not there are ghosts in the house," quite like Donkey Kong Country.

Heck yes it is.

We gave Penny this toy 10 minutes to go. Now, it's little more than a fabric shell and a pile of fluff.

Kevin put this in the fucking bathroom and it scared the shit out of me. I screamed & ran away. Also, I peed a little.

A special thanks to for providing the most kick-ass birthday decorations ever!

The rat has claimed a pillow that isn't her own.

Holy crap these still exist?!

The time has finally come. Let's do this!

Somehow Kevin managed to text me "Surprise!" at the exact moment the guy set these on my desk. Magic!

Apparently, one pair of my was packaged too close the top of the package and this happened. :(

I can read/understand more of this than I had originally anticipated. Winnah!

Today, my job includes modeling for . I've already called him a douchebag 3 times.

I bought a reusable water bottle this weekend. I get to be a jerk about the environment now, right?

At a WWE Royal Rumble viewing party. This shit is hilarious.

Another shot of my awesome surprise! <3