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Got my registration for organ donation & was reading over it ... My dad was an organ donor & at the time I remember over hearing my grandma saying that my dad had helped 75 people and at the time I remember thinking god how amazing is think 75 peoples quality of life was improved because of the choice to donate. This is #loveeternal in action if you live in Ontatio you can go to for more information it literally takes 2 minutes

Oh my god I cant with this

coworker saw this & said that u & ur family I said yes ❤

So this is how close we are for our last show .... This is the total package of #theKid

Ang is in US weekly :)

OMG have you seen these trending topics this wanted/1D twitter war is hilariously sad

seriously it cracks me up when Lumpy trends WORLDWIDE!!!! We are a force!!!! ;)

#blockheadproblems trying to explain this to twitter users ;) we trend shit its how we do!!!!

Nothing like seeing #LOVEETERNAL trend <3

Canada loves #bluebloods still trending even higher then earlier

Free Willy is trending!! Go Jackie & #BlueBloods.....3 trends in one night WE ROCK!!!!!!!

look whats trending WORLDWIDE see Jackie IS important to #bluebloods Go Jackie #SaveJackie

worldwỉde trending #bluebloods

also trending in the US #bluebloods

17 minutes #BlueBloods trending in Canada wooo

really have to check who is tweeting with these identical avis lol

ịna how do i get rid of that black/white box its putting accents on all my letters like im writing in diffêrent languages did a pull

How do i get rid of that black&white box on top of the screen blackberry users

The adorableness of the avis in my timeline right now is too them both #LOVE