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Here's the whole awesome quote from Luther for your convenience & edification. =)

Can't stop smiling. =D If it really was tflow who was arrested? #Yayz #tflowIsAnAlexanderToWBC #ThankGod

Psssst...that's bc you don't read the Bible friend! #IHighlyRecommendIt

...comply with that standard in marriage, then the answer is not to marry. his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth."

...things that are done with it are all according to His will, to accomplish His purpose.

Balaam said good words, as well. His works, though?

Your state of mind when you pray is important:

...which is a *sacrifice* (called "the calves of our lips") when you're engaged in some willful sin.

...balance to skew too far into vanity (which doesn't help either of us!).

We seek a better one. And that's why God isn't ashamed to be called our God. #Faith

False. Serving God, keeping His commandments =\= vanity. It's our life, an amazing privilege.

Finished with Children of the Corn, for today anyway. =) Happy to endure hard words for the sake of our King!

In the sense of truth-telling, yes: -- In the sense of saving all, no:

Sorry. Smug dishonesty and handling the Word of God deceitfully ain't my thang.

Again, that's *your* judgment. God isn't subject to be judged by you. Vice versa. #Sovereign

Here's what John Gill says about it, but I'd cross reference with other expositors, too.

Also: thanks. Your tweet made me go looking for a verse, so I searched for "fixed heart." Many jewels!

Here's another favorite, ! #Selah

You get answers piecemeal this time (bc I'm going on a bike ride now. =) To whom the hatred is directed: