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'You're just a human being, my dear, sweet child.'

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Beware of the "easy" path! "Narrow" & "strait" (i.e. hard, full of obstacles) are words describing the way to life

Ecc. 8:11 et. seq., señor. Also, Jer. 18. God = Potter. Humans = clay. He does as He wills in all things!

God is sovereign. He has mercy on whom He will have mercy -- and whom He wills, He hardens.

Here's my answer to a ? from last night (start at the bottom of each page):

Here's my answer to a ? from last night (start at the bottom of each page):

God already gave His standard: "Thou shalt not kill." Ex. 20:13. So did Jesus:

That passage refers to a woman; this one, a man. Adultery is never OK, for either sex. Ex. 20:14.

I picked "Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery" (Lu.16:18), bc that sin is rampant among faux-Christians. #RebelsIndeed

It's been fun, but I have an admonition of Christ to follow. #blocked

False conclusion. God's elect do those things bc God causes them to do so. Follow these verses:

...of the Word, by and by he is offended." Mt. 13:20-21. They don't want to suffer for Christ's sake:

It's a thing I strive for, knowing what I'm up against:

My answer is yes, if the Word is heard/heeded. If not, there is no rebuilding.

When you know them & *fail* to minister to them? "...depart from me ye cursed..."

None of that sprinkling water on babies! Full immersion baptism after a profession of faith:

I know, & it's a thing I'm so thankful for! So very thankful. But "Who is my mother, or my brethren?"

...all men" -- just not at the expense of doing our duty to "preach the Gospel to every creature."