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All the pretty colors...

Our butterfly hatched!

Woke up to the chrysalis looking like this! Almost time!

The nightly fight over rice bags ends now....

Checked our caterpillar at 4pm then Chloe checked it at 5. At 6p it was like this! In 1 hr it became a chrysalis!

Chloe's caterpillar is beginning to morph! I hate that she is asleep! Hanging from the top of her bug cage.

please tell me that dot on your building (right side) is not a window cleaner!!

Another photo for the #OMODhunt The kids praying for dinner. Caleb (off camera) was screaming. :)

Inside my fridge for #onemealoneday scavenger hunt

Fr '08-'11 look at this increase in OOP max in network. When things started 'changing.' #InsuranceCanceled

Where we camped in Arkansas.

Hubs & I went camping to celebrate our anniversary. Had a blast!

11 years ago today, this happened!

My proof! Hubs and I with . iPhone made our eyes glow. Haha

Found these !! Love em! One idea ..make some in Spanish? Please!!

So this just happened! Ole Kmarie needs to pay attention when replying to people AND apparently there is another me

Lookin' good lookin' good! Come on fall!!!

While the world mourns... We celebrate. Happy Firsf Birthday Caleb Janzen!

so I said target. Then betty crocker. Denied. It has to be homemade or close to.

Caleb cuddling. I mean seriously how am u supposed to do anything other than sit here?! Haha