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Someone recently said on here, Facebook is for people you just went to school with, Twitter is for people you actually talk to. So. True.

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I'm making you my number nine, I hope that's ok :-)

And so, we wait.

Oh my goodness. #parents

Happy birthday, Ayn Rand. I shall celebrate by reading some more of Atlas Shrugged while the snow falls. #aynrand

PS- this is what I'm currently doing

Well, I'm awake, I might as well put a chip in this #thirtyto30 1069 page goal. #atlasshrugged

Finally! #snow

I'm taking bets on how long it will stay this way. #keepclny

Breakfast of champions.

I know you can't tell, but that sign says McRib.

Dear AT&T, the whole concept of being grandfathered in under the unlimited plan is just that. Unlimited. Psh.

Number 25 in my #thirtyto30 quest was completed this weekend and now #keepclny looks festive

It's time. #loveactually

I need one of these for Christmas. #bsg

It is finished. #thirtyto30

I haven't had this much makeup on since my wedding.

Leecy and I missed you this morning!

my bag is packed for the morning

Anybody want a homemade doughnut?