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yeah I really dig em but I just bought these last month:


back #DIPSET

dude just do it p.s. look what I found at my parent’s house the other day

It’s October and you have no affiliation with NY! RT : Never forget. Samsung Galaxy available at AT&T.

Had to grab the bel air Jordan V’s for the two youngest meeches:

Coincidentally, I’m wearing my KAWS OriginalFake chomper hoodie today!

35th bag this week #crack

Anyone know how to make this one track a part of the album? It’s driving me crazy.

My 12 y.o. had to read and answer questions on this story for hw. It starts off with a girl b-feeding from a sheep:

How about a fresh coat of paint and some lights or something??

At a wedding?? #TURNTUP

It’s a cot damn celebration! #Wawaversary

So tempted to hop the fence and spray paint ‘Meech One’s A Pimp’ on the side of this thing

Gotta admire the pride this guy has for his country #McDonaldsFlow

Finally got those Scooby Doo LeBron EXTs. Shout out for the hookup and for the assist

Seriously. I did, however, manage to find an iTunes Radio station that was sent straight from heaven