My dream is to move to LA and become an actress... People say 99% of people who try fail... But hey... I could fit in that 1% :)

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I've been postponing doing this all weekend.... Ughhh

Made some wayhooosss with #insider

Got my nails done today and I'm obsessed with the color! Its 'Do you lilac it?' By OPI! I need to find it :)

Opening a new starbucks so they're giving away free drinks! passion iced tea me iced chai :)

AH!!!!! RT's my tweet.... I. AM. FLIPPING. OUT.

SO CLOSE!!! Hahaha

Here's the picture of me and from today :) hopefully he'll see this! He was SO nice!

Here's the picture of me and from the 1st time I met him back in may <3

Here is the picture of me and when we met today :) I hope she sees this and replies and follows <3

OMG! You guys I can't stop eating these! I used to eat them as a little kid!

I have a "Bieber Drawer" that I kept them all in but now they're going up! Haha there's still more to put up :)

No night is complete without Ben&Jerrys Oatmeal Cookie Chunk :) #guiltypleasure

This is and my night... A disney puzzle and peach rings :) <3

and I found the cutest/tiniest toothpaste EVER! We're so excited! #nerds

do you remember the bowl we made you and I then dropped and broke?? Hahah I hope it still works ok :) I'm sorry!

On our way to the and concert :)

I love pausing videos at funny parts haha :) you're adorable!

French toast on a sunday morning :) few things better than this!

and I saw the FATTEST cat ever today. Its tummy was like on the ground :)

Dear skype creeper... I'm ok but thanks :)

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