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Moin moin aus Hamburg :)))

Great view

i am really happy Finnish lady.two amazing nights.thank u. Cant wait for the UK tour.roll on November xx

Late nite walk at Brandenburg Gate..

got a new shirt. Yay. Row 4 is ready to have sum fun.im sure i can go back to Finland with a big smile X

Ready for the adventure... (Camera sucks on my new phone..)

wohooo... #thebaseballs

my darling under the bench :D

today..feeling like this ^^

ok..the stripe is more red. lol. but i like it :D

my green hair? lol. you will get pics tomorrow of my pink/violet hair :D

saaks tost selkoo.. tyvi normi vaalee mut toi violetti muuttu vihreeks.

vai pitäskö ostaa toinen vaalennus? no tos violetis kyl on et 2-4tuntii vaikutus ni tulee tummempi.

another day on a sunflower field.. love these flowers

Very soon ;-) x



destination unknown...