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Blogger, podcaster, Akamai Security Evangelist. I never thought I'd say, I wasn't paranoid enough My opinions are my own, end of statement.

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  • 404 days ago via Plume
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"I made the Hoff cry" No, I didn't, but we have the cup. Cc

  • 434 days ago via Plume
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It looks like wants to see the Spawn of to their first day of school too.

  • 435 days ago via Plume
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"I don't think Spawn0 is a Star Trek fan." "Who said this was for him?"

  • 437 days ago via Plume
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For a warm beer, it's not bad. And I like the name, "Doom Bar"

  • 438 days ago via Plume
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George Jr is visiting the UK Akamai offices.

  • 621 days ago via Plume
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The Steampunk Raygun. The switches on the box control the EL wire and arduino. Trigger lights up 3 LED's in gun.

That reminds me, I don't think I ever sent you the Free Hugs picture from Singapore.

We used a cheap spotting scope to throw the image of the eclipse onto a piece of paper.

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