..supersede anything that they'll ever be xo

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excitement w/ his new ball

A real site, that promotes anorexia… gives you “starving tips of the day”. THIS IS SO SICK how is this ALLOWED

tweet DAT

breakfast is my favorite meal of the day

whatchu lookin at Willis

heart attack breakfast for two

he’s a keeper ❤

if you don’t find fresh prince of bel air hilarious something is wrong with you

I find this picture so damn amusing lmao

do u have an engine? NO. do u have signals? NO. do u keep up w/ a cars speed? NO. so please GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD!!

MANZ R BORED PON DE BUS smurfin it up in dis beeeetch


where can I get these!!!

lmao why does my thigh looks insanely long though

I can’t believe i’ve been on hold this long……… I fucking hate you bell.


he loves plopping down right in the middle of my bed.. i’ll ‘low it though cuz he’s such a muthafuckin cuuuutie!!

this is PERFECT for me.. can't wait for ios6

i've been learning so much about sports recently

:( lol grosssss