..supersede anything that they'll ever be xo

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he sleeps RIGHT in the centre of my bed but i'll 'low it cuz he's jus so damn cutee

oh nom nom noooommmmmmmmmyyyy

you fucked yourself over.

I think he misses you guys

lmfao the FUCK is wrong with my waist though. is it normally to only be curvy on my right side?? lmaoo

lmfaaaaoo dying that it happened to be

even my iPhone knows ure irreplaceable

can I PLEEEASE buy this for your car plspls I promise ull be swaggalicious all the mandem will be hatin!!


jus chillllin

this makes me so happppy!!

what is a message notification?? =/ I have like 20 unread texts so it can't be that ...

my favorite likkle spic n dirty flip

lmaaao hokaaay I see u mr Wong

nothing like getting packages to make you feel better!

watching an Oprah interview on incest raping & someone wrote this.. I hope it’s not real, too disturbing to believe.

hard times call for desperate measures LOL :(

morning clouds

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